We’ve compiled some 170 color pages of Grade A indie comics into a collection worthy enough for your bookshelf. There are 15 amazing artists and just as many fantastic stories that will take you to everywhere from the dreams of a professional wrestler, to the wild west, to the nonsensical post-apocalyptic future.

One of the strongest features of the anthology is the sheer breadth of stories it holds inside. There are stories about mammoth hunts, fast food cults, robot city immigration, six-shootin’ frog-cursin’ witches, superhero grocery store managers, and so much more! We let the artists go unchained to deliver the stories they've wanted to tell and we believe it has paid off with a veritable mix tape of comics compiled to win your heart.

lan pitts

Writer: WWE • Beast Strikers

chris haley

Writer • Cartoonist

elliot Boyette

Art Director on Paper Cuts

shane mcdermott

Editor on Paper Cuts

mathis ryan

Illustrator • Graphic Designer

justin wheeler

Illustrator • Graphic Designer

nick hewlett

Cartoonist • Designer

Rory-Ann Austin

Cartoonist:  Saltwater Moon • Illustrator

angel bonesteel


joni miller

Cartoonist: City of Depression • Apoppytheosis • College Humor

robert burns


olivia logan

Cartoonist • Social Media Coordinator

april rodriguez

Graphic Designer • Illustrator

aspen aten


rachel stovall davis

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